Saturday, January 26, 2013

Half Filled Jar

Quarter filled jar,
Waits for her but never tires.
Drop by drop they drop,
Hard at her.
But, she never cares.
The color changes,
Every time it drops.
The salinity brings down,
The sweetness- that once
Touched the lips.
It fills up, steady enough.
It cools down, slow-ly though.

Half filled jar,
Wants to kiss, but doesn't.
Drops… resume to drop,
One after other onto another.
Rushing and pushing
Every moment
Of togetherness,
That passed
Of love
That faded
Of trust
That breached
Of humanity
That subdued
Of devil
That emerged
Out of him.

It rises, slow-ly though.
Stops suddenly,
Takes a vow.
Never would love
Never would cry
Never would trust
Never would shy.
Thrashes the jar
Hard enough,
To break it into pieces-
Like her soul,

And cries for one last time
For the broken heart
And the Half filled Jar.