Sunday, March 31, 2013

Love Song for a Poet

My obscure heart often sings,
To the tunes of his poetry-
Metaphors with wings
“Worth a try”.

I have fallen every now and then,
For his meters and dictions-
Aesthetic, like drops of first rain
Graceful and Appeasing.

Courteous but callous callouts
Halts my heart-beats, only to learn
It was wishful.
And I fall again.

Up and down, he will swing his soul
The way I’d not have expected.
And I fall again.

Warmth of his body
Rouses my soul-
Like the vowels “sewn-in-love” together
By an aging Prufrock.

Tempts my mood, steals a glance
Of the curve and riff
And the naked soul.
I don’t shy for
I have fallen for him.

And he completes me as a woman
With his chaotic melodies,
I submit and find
I have fallen for him forever.

©rakesh pandey

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